2 August 2012

the one... been feeling like crap

I know that isn't the nicest post title but it is how I have been feeling the last few days.

It all started last week with a sore throat which I managed to keep away with lots of hot water and lemon. That was until last Friday when the throat gave up the fight.  I laid low over the weekend and was feeling much better on Sunday night and was heading back to work in the morning.

Over night the cold took a different turn and for the past three days I've had what's felt like the worst hay fever attack that seems to never want to end.

I'm happy to say that last night I felt better and I'm heading back to work today.

Little Charlie has been wonderful, always snoozing with me and staying by my side.  I thanked him by taking him to the dog park yesterday afternoon where he had a great time.

I'm happy to say that posts will return to normal next week.

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