16 August 2012

the one... with the colour has been chosen

The decision has been made...

After going through many, many paint charts over the past couple of months I had gotten it down to just 2 options - the 2 you can see here.

I've decided to go with the lighter grey (bottom) in the photo.

It probably doesn't show up in the photo but in 'real time' the lighter grey feels warmer.  They are both warm greys but the darker just feels dark and cold particular at the front of the house where it doesn't get any direct sun light because it faces the South and the last thing I want is for the cottage to look/feel cold from the front street.

It's funny how the houses around you play into this decision process as well.  I have a cream house one one side and a cream hall on the other side with a white directly across the road so I really wanted the cottage to stand out.  Which I think it will because it's cute!

The painter has started prepping this week and it will take him a week or more to get this done before he can start painting. So now that the colour has been selected it's now onto what will be painted in the grey and what will get the white feature.

I came across this photo (sorry I don't know where I found it) and I like the idea of the white trim on the corners.

I think it's time to bring the sample pots and paint brush back out and have a play with the features.

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