25 April 2013

the one... with decision on the tile

The final decision I need to make on the new kitchen is the splashback.

I was originally thinking of having the glass splashback but when I saw the price I fell off my chair!

Option 2 has be tacking a diy project for the first time - tiling.

I have never tiled before.  Sure I've re-grouted and re-selaed in the bathroom but I didn't do the originally tiling.

I'm actually excited to tackle this job myself and have been doing a bit of research and watching a few diy videos on Youtube.

I'm at the stage of tossing up between white (safe, simple) or grey to pick up the fleck in the benchtop.

Until I make the final decision I have one of each tile sitting behind the stove so I can see them in different lights.

I can tell you that I am leaning towards the grey at the stage.

Lisa xo

23 April 2013

the one... with some demolition

This was fun!  After dinner one night I got to work removing the trim from the door frame in preparation for the new wall.

The plan is to open the wall up to take a new sliding door which will go in behind the fridge.

The cupboard you can see on the left is the new pantry and the plan is to close in this part of the wall and bring the fridge into the new kitchen.

Does this make sense?

Lisa xo

10 April 2013

the one... where I select the tap

Now that's an exciting post title, right?!

But it is true.  I made a decision on the tap.

I had asked for your help on selecting a tap for the new kitchen.  I was amazed at just how much time I was spending on researching the different types out there.  I finally narrowed it down to these 5.  Any guesses as to which one I finally chose??

OK, I went with number 5 and I couldn't be happier.  It's a good size and height allowing space to place larger items underneath.  It's also new and shiny.

Did you guess right?

Lisa xo

5 April 2013

the one... with a new-look chair

Last month I showed you the chair I've had around the house for years.  It's one that's just been moved from room to room with no real purpose.  I even used it as a leg up to paint.

Well I have found it a new purpose when I started to plan the new kitchen.

This is the chair now.

The job all started with a good sand to remove some of the paint splatters and smooth some rough spots.  I then gave it two coats of undercoat followed by a light sand and a clean with a damp cloth between coats.  Then came the great new colour.

The colour is called Colwall by Taubmans.

Now it is waiting patiently for it's new life in the kitchen.

So what do you think of the colour?

Lisa xo

3 April 2013

the one... with the desk revealed

Here is my new desk all dressed ready and waiting...

I had originally asked for it to be a little narrower (it's 80cm wide) and with just a plain white top at the same 4cm depth but I got the stone - there are no complaints from this girl!

Now there are no excuses - time to get to work!

Lisa xo 


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