12 December 2012

the one... why I've been so quiet

I have been very quiet on the posts recently because I have been inundated with spam comments.

I've made a few changes to my settings in an attempt to put a stop to them.

I'll wait it out a few more days and hopefully be back posting very soon.


4 December 2012

the one... with a little escape

I hit the highway recently and headed down with a friend to Coolongatta for a couple of nights.

Thanks to my lovely friend T for taking such beautiful photos.

The weather was perfect the entire weekend.

The plan was to walk, eat prawns, drink moscato, take nanna naps and get my toes into the ocean.

I'm happy to say I ticked all the boxes.

20 November 2012

the one... getting to know the pick a little more

The pick and are are getting much better acquainted with having to remove a little more dirt from up the centre of the driveway to make room for the pebbles.

I had to take the dirt down another 5cm below the driveway which meant spending time with the pick.

I'll be honest it's not easy but it will be worth it in the end.

19 November 2012

the one... with the shutters & awnings

After waiting 9 weeks the plantation shutters have been installed.


The new window awnings have been put up.

I wanted to show you them both from the outside.

The window with the partially closed shutter faces the West so it's either partially shut or completely shut to block out that killer sun.

I'm in love them both.

16 November 2012

the one... with revamping some lamps

While on the recent trip to the op shop I also picked up 2 lamp shades.

Now they are hideous!  The previous owner glued a hot pink feather bower around the base.  I ripped them off as soon as I got home.

The lamp base I've had tucked away in the garage for a while.  They will need a coat of paint and the lighting fitting glued back on but I think it will look brand new once it's painted all one colour.

Now for the lamp shade.

I picked up this fabric from Ikea with the thought of making blinds for my bedroom but then I changed my mind.

The fabric has been sitting in the fabric box waiting for some inspiration.  The colours are perfect for my bedroom.

Lisa xo

15 November 2012

the one... with recent purchase

My favourite op shop nearby re-opened after they closed to renovate the building.  I was worried at first that it was gone for good.

I popped in on Saturday morning for a wonder and I picked up these for $2.50 YEP only $2.50.

I love the mustard coloured handles.

14 November 2012

the one... where I add a little stain

While on my holiday I got started on staining the veranda. 

I couldn't stain the entire deck because I was having family over just days later and I didn't think it was the best time.  I started with the trim around the veranda.

The colour I chose has a grey tone to it which I'm loving.

I'm hoping to get to the rest of the veranda soon, before the Summer heats really kicks in.

I think it needs another coat - it's looking a little patchy in this photo.

Lisa xo

13 November 2012

the one... with me and the pick

I spent some quality time with the pick recently while a had a week off work.

We are now very good friends.

I took a trip to the landscape supplier to order retaining wall bricks, stepping stone pavers, pavers and pebbles so I could get to work on the front yard.

The first job was to remove the grass up the centre of the driveway - that's 13.5mts - to be replaced with the pebbles so no more mowing.  I took the job in shifts because it was a tough job and I don't like to work in the sun.  I waited until the sun moved in the early afternoon and put the area in shade which made it a lot easier to work.  Still hard work though.

I want this garden to be filled with agapanthus and their beautiful purple and white flowers.

Can you see I've also put down the single row of retaining wall up the driveway.

12 November 2012

the one... with the revamped side tables

A few months back I picked up some pine side tables on Gumtree with the intention of giving them some colour.

At first I was thinking of painting them a bright green colour but after the bedroom was painted and I put the new quilt cover on I changed my mind.

I've gone with a soft grey so that they aren't the main feature in the room.  The soft grey is so they stand out from the white walls but aren't the first thing you notice when you walk in the room.

After three coats of paint they are back in the room.

I'm really happy with them.

Lisa xo

11 November 2012

the one... with an update on the to-do list

Have you popped over and checked out my to-do list lately?

I recently spent some time going through it to add more things (of course) and was very happy to cross a few things of the list as well.

I also added links to the pages of things that are done so you can read all about them.

Pop over and check it out here.

23 October 2012

the one... with colour on the garage

As you know Nigel the painter has finished and has moved on but before he finished he painted the garage.

And here it is...

The garage still needs a new roof and guttering but it is looking 100 times better than what I started with.  Here is a little reminder.

22 October 2012

the one... with handles and locks

Yep, I visited Bunnings again this week to pick up a couple of cans of spray paint to use on all of the handles and locks from my bedroom and the lounge room windows.

There are a lot and they are all different.  Some are the original and I have installed a few.

Some will need a clean up before they get hit with the new paint.

Sorry the above photo isn't very clear - it was a beautiful sunny day, a little too sunny for the photo!

It is Metallic Charcoal.  I love it.

Lisa xo

19 October 2012

the one... with the wardrobe

The wardrobe has been in now for about 4 weeks so I think it's time to paint the doors.  I have next week off work and this one is definitely on the list.

This is the last thing in my bedroom to be painted... NO WAIT!  I still have the dresser and side tables.  Almost there.

Lisa xo

18 October 2012

the one... with a new plant

I recently picked up a little plant from Aldi of all places and it was only $6.99.  I love it's height.

I really need to do something about the view - maybe a wall garden to hide the air conditioning unit from next door.

I love the green and white against the grey wall of the laundry.


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