24 August 2012

the one... giving new life to a screen door

In a different time I chose cream security screen door for the front door.  I got the security after I was broken into.  I ended up using the insurance money to get better security so prevent it from happening again (sorry to say it happened again a few years later).

Anyway, with the new paint colours chosen for the cottage, the window, doors and feature trims will be white and the cream security door just doesn't cut it!

I was thinking what I might do with it - remove and replace was what came to mind. Until I mentioned this to dear Dad, who suggested I remove the old mesh and spray paint the door white.

Now why on earth didn't I think of that??  Great idea Dad!

So this is the diy project I did last weekend.

I had to get moving on this before the painter started because I wanted it ready to re-hung when all the painting was done.

I got out my drill and took the door down and carried it out the back to get started.

I first gave it a hose down and a good clean with an old towel.  Nothing special here, just wiped every nook and cranny on both sides.  This took a little while and it didn't help things when Charlie decided he needed to sit on my lap.

Once it was all clean and dry I taped (don't you just love that I have purple tape!) up the handle and hinges then I got out the spray can and had some fun.

This is what I used.  The women at Bunnings said I should only need 1 can but I grabbed a second, just incase (glad I did).

I've given both sides a coat of paint and popped it out of the way in the garage while the painter is still working on the house.  I did keep a bit left in the can just incase there is a need for any touchups.

I think it's looking good.

What do you think?
Lisa xo


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Lisa xo


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