31 May 2012

the one... where I take you back, again

After the bathroom received a mini makeover the entry hall was the next room I tackled.  Oh why I hear you ask?

Again what on earth was I thinking when I chose that particular wall colour.  I swear I was trying to make a fruit salad home with the yellow bathroom (you can see in the background).

Very bad iphone photos taken on the day I moved back in
Wow what a difference.  Look how fresh and bright the room is...

It did take a couple of weekends to paint the room with the tongue and groove walls.  They look great and it really does suit the cottage but having to cut in every groove did take some time but it's worth it in the end.

The back story on the tongue and groove walls...  not long after I moved into the house when I first bought it way back, it rained.  I was sitting in the 'then' lounge room and I could hear the rain falling which is always a lovely sound until you realise the sound is coming from inside the house.  Not good!

It turned out that the guttering down the East side of the house was put on back to front with the lower side up against the house so when it rained the water would run back down the wall inside.  The wall was all buckled and had to be completely replaced.

I still don't know what to do with the floor.  I think in a former life the room was a verandah and then it was closed it in.  The floor is a different timber (size and colour) to the rest of the house and even has small gaps between the boards just like an outside verandah does so it does get a little chilly in Winter.  What do you think I could do with the floor?

I want the room to have a function and not to be just a hallway - I just don't know what yet.  It doesn't have any power (aside from the ceiling light) - I might have to change that.

Lisa xo

30 May 2012

the one... with my love of purple

My love of purple goes back to my bedroom when I was a baby.  My mum decorated my first room in purple and I even had a large round mirror with purple glass beads around the edges.

Aside from a few rebellious teen years where I went through a blue and a yellow stage, I have always had a purple/mauve/aubergine bedroom.

I have a couple of the old door knobs and would love to find this glass knob to put on my bedroom door.

Any ideas where I can find one?

Lisa xo

29 May 2012

the one... with the new lounge

I finally bought myself a new lounge after searching for months.  I wanted to make sure I found the one that ticked all the boxes.

The search began online as I viewed many lounges from a variety of stores in Brisbane.  I really wanted a fabric modular lounge so that it could be rearranged into a bed for guests as I don't have a spare bedroom anymore.

In the end I found this one at Freedom Furniture.

At the time it was on sale so I managed to pick up an ottoman, 1 x left arm seat, 1 x right arm seat and 1 x armless for around $2,300.

fuzzy photo, sorry

Oh and did I mention that it's made right here in Australia!

I'm sorry for the bad iphone photo - this was taken just moments after it was delivered - I was a bit excited!

Look at it sitting there waiting for me to unpacking it, oh the fun!

28 May 2012

the one... where I take you back

Let me take you back in time just a little...

I moved back into the cottage in 2010 after renting it out for a few years.  I used a local Real Estate agent to manage it - bad idea as I returned to find the cottage in a neglected state (I won't name the agency because of the 'fabulous' job they did - insert sarcasm here!).

After a much needed clean I finally moved back in and it wasn't long before I was planning the renovation.

The first room to get a mini makeover was the bathroom.  Don't you just love the lovely bright yellow walls AND the matching ceiling.  I still ask myself 'what were you thinking when you chose that colour'.

Well, what a difference white paint can make.

It was a big job because I had to put 2 coats of undercoat on before I could put 2 coats of paint on - so that the yellow was no more.

It's great because now I don't have to shade my eyes from the bright walls.

25 May 2012

the one... wishing you a happy weekend

I have birthday celebrations for my niece, nephew and mum this weekend.

Happy birthday to you all!

photo: http://geronimoballoons.com/portfolio/

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

24 May 2012

the one... with my tickets

Woohooo, I got my ticket to see George Michael in concert later this year.

23 May 2012

the one... with the doggy door

As the weather starts to get colder at night, I am less inclined to want to get up and take the puppy outside in the middle of the night.  I'm not one who likes her sleep interupted, even if it is for an adorable puppy.

I headed to my local Pet Barn store to pick up a doggy door for $119.  I then dropped in to borrow the jigsaw from my Dad so I could tackle the job.

The box had everything you needed including a template to outline where to cut.  The only part that was a bit tricky was using the jigsaw around the corners.  The whole house vibrated.

It only took a couple of days and a small supply of treats to get Charlie to use the door.  He was very unsure of the plastic flap at first but now he uses it every day!

The little white things on the floor are treats laid out to entice Charlie in.

I'm happy to say it was actually an easy project and well worth it.

22 May 2012

the one... let's get started

my little cottage
As the title suggests.... let's get started!

I have been thinking about starting this blog for a while now and as I step up to focus on renovating the cottage, now is a good time.

This photo was taken last year and I have done some work since which I'll post about soon.

There is still soooo much to do including a new bathroom, painting inside and outside, gardens, new window awnings... just to name a few.

I hope you will join me as I bring second life to my little blue cottage.


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