30 August 2012

the one... with the hot water system moved

The hot water system has been moved. Done!

They were previously between the concrete tubs and the back patio - can you see the white underneath the patio on the left, yep that's it.

The plumber got to work and moved them to their brand new home beside the house on the East side.

I really want to do something with the old tyre rim which was used to hold the hose in a previous life.

The only downside is there was a casualty.

The old cement tubs didn't make it.  I was disappointed because I really wanted to reuse them in the yard - they were over 60 years old!


  1. coming along nicely,why don't you paint the rim & use it again as a
    hose reel? M

    1. Thanks M, I think I will... Bunnings here I come... Lisa xo


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