14 August 2012

the one... with the major work

I had a huge day with my family on Saturday.  Firstly, a very BIG shout out to my wonderful family for the hard work they did to remove all the window awnings, the old laundry and the old kitchen cupboard.

You will not believe the difference it has made to the back of the house. 

Here take a look...

Here are some photos of the awnings removed.

HUGE isn't it!

Yep, I'm excited because it feels like all the planning and talking to tradies, getting quotes and talking some more and lots of lists is finally coming together.

Lisa xo


  1. Oh my goodness, you've got your hands full with this reno. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Cheers Kylie

  2. Thanks Kylie. Yep there is a lot of work but it will well worth it. Lisa xo


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