28 February 2013

the one... with the challenge complete

For some reason (I honestly don't know why) I decided to set myself a challenge for February.  The challenge was to not spend any money on diy projects that cost more than $10.00.

Again, why did I do this to myself?

I can say with all honesty....  I FAILED!

OK, let me go back to the beginning of the month.  I was actually doing really well.  I hadn't bought anything and was able to tick a few diy projects off the list.

Drawers  |  Cushion  |  Chair

I already had the paint and fabric for these projects which was great

What undid me was a couple of things.  First, my sister went to Ikea (damn it!) and then Kristine over at The Painted Hive shared her post on the ceramic stool she picked up at The Reject Shop for $40.  No that isn't a typo so at that price I just couldn't resist - could you??

So I take full responsibility for my spending spree (honestly I don't regret my purchases).


27 February 2013

the one... with an update on the new kitchen

I'm happy to say that the plans for the new kitchen have been finalised!


Oh and the new appliances have been ordered as well.

One item on the appliance wish list was a dishwasher.  I've never had my own dishwasher - I can't wait.

Now that the plans are done and the cabinets are being made right now, I've booked in the tradies.  The electrician has his floor plan to install the new power points and the TRAL ceiling track light my sister picked up for me from Ikea on her recent trip and the plumber before the cabinets go in.

The great thing is the tradies are mates (I found the electrician and the electrician recommended the plumber) so they have coordinated their work at my place together on the same day. Fantastic!

Yep I'm just a tad bit excited over here at the cottage.

Lisa xo 

25 February 2013

the one... with the kitchen benchtop

Here is a little sneak peak at the new kitchen benchtop.

I have chosen a Quantum Quartz benchtop in the Turino pattern.  It will be in the 40mm thickness - I love the look of the wider benchtop, it just looks more solid.

The Turino will end up costing me a just little more but I know it will be worth it and honestly, I won't be thinking of the $$$ once it's installed and I'm cooking.

Mmmmm, I wonder what should I cook first in the new kitchen???

Lisa xo 

22 February 2013

the one... with a new lamp

I can never pass up a trip to Ikea, can you?

My sister took a drive recently and unfortunately I couldn't go (insert sad face here) but there was no need to despair cause I gave her my shopping list!

I'll admit I did get carried away with the shopping list to start with but I took a closer look at it and made some hard cuts - she did have her own shopping to do after all.

One item on my shopping list was to check out a couple of lamps for the bedside table in my bedroom.  She phoned me from the store (reception is always terrible from there but we managed) and look what she came home with.  It's the AROD work lamp in grey and it was only $79.00.

I was so excited to get it unwrapped, assembled (yep a screwdriver was required) and put into place.

It's larger than I thought it would be but it works with the 3mt ceilings.  It also has a very heavy base that makes it perfect for my place.  I do get strong breezes which can topple anything light weight - this baby isn't going anywhere.

I'm getting excited because I feel the bedroom is almost ready for the final reveal, just a few more things to finish.

Lisa xo

21 February 2013

the one... with shopping for tea towels

With the kitchen on my mind lately, of course my thoughts started to head towards decorating the room.  We all need tea towels and who says they have to be borning.  check these out.

Check them out over on the SLOABH shopping page.

Lisa xo

20 February 2013

the one... with the kitchen tap

Who would have thought I could spend soooo much time looking at taps for the new kitchen.

I am loving the process of the kitchen renovation or I should say, the brand new kitchen, in its brand new room (just slightly excited).

I did think I had it all sorted with wanting the large tap with the pull out hose function (you know the type I mean) but I've been warned against them. Apparently the replacement parts can be expensive and the novelty will wear off.

OK, being a practical Capricorn girl I took that on board and headed back to researching what's out there and I have come up with 5 to choose from.

I guess now I'm looking at it from a different angle.  I want classic.  A simple style that works with the age of the cottage but still modern.  A style that will still look great in 5-10 years down the track (I have NO plans to move, not after all the work I've done and with the work still to be done).

I do have my top two: numbers 1 and 5.  I know I will still go with my practical side so it will come down to price.

I would love to hear what you think.  What style do you prefer?  What style do you have or maybe what's on your wish list?

Lisa xo

18 February 2013

the one... with fresh sheet night

Fresh sheet night would have to be my favourite night of the week, no matter what day that may be.

I took a drive to the local shopping centre during my Christmas/New Year holidays to exchange a couple of shirts I had bought my Dad and brother in-law and while I was there I thought I would check out some new sheets for myself.

I didn't have anything particular in mind except that I wanted them to have grey in the pattern.  After checking out a couple of stores I finally walked out of Adairs with a set of grey and white chevron sheets.

The best part was they were $159 and had been reduced to $89.  The disappointing part was after I washed them and started to make the bed, I noticed a flaw in the print on one of the pillows.  My heart sunk because they would have to go back, there goes fresh sheet night.

So another drive back to the shopping centre with no expectation that they would have another pair but I was very lucky that the lady in the store phoned another store and found me a replacement set.  They would only take a couple of days to come in however, it took me a few weeks to get back to the shop to pick them up.

The new set were washed again and the bed was made.

Looking at the photo above, I really should have ironed them.  Have I learnt nothing from watching The Block.

Nighty night.

Lisa xo

15 February 2013

the one... with a chair

I started another project one night after work. This is becoming a regular thing with me.

This chair has been moved around the house from room to room and even been used as a stool while I painted, as you can see from all the splatters of paint. I actually got it for free when I worked for as the Marketing Manager for a furniture company.

I'll be back soon with the finished chair.

The colour may surprise you!

Lisa xo

14 February 2013

the one... with the new page

I'm a girl who loves to see catalogues sticking out of the letterbox.

I'm a girl who loves her magazines.

I'm a girl who loves to receive online newsletters and magazines.

I'm a girl who loves to search the internet for hours on end.

This has all inspired me to start a new 'shopping' page.

My thoughts behind the new page is to share with you things I have seen and even things that I have purchased for the cottage.

The very first shopping page is my love of all things yellow.

I hope you enjoy the new page and please let me know what you think.

Lisa xo

13 February 2013

the one... with a new cushion

I'm still on track for my February challenge with this little project.

I have a lovely little box full of fabric that I've collected over time, usually it's a piece that has just caught my eye, it could be on sale, remnants to stash away for a project one day.

My bedroom is coming together nicely and I felt the bed needed a spot of colour so I opened the box and pulled out this bright chevron pattern to make a new cushion.

The cushion has an opening at the back.  It's a very simple sewing project.

Opening the fabric box always brings a smile to my face.

Update: I forgot to tell you where I got this gorgeous fabric from.  It's from the online fabric shop Fabric Traders - be sure to pop over and check out all the great fabric they have.

Lisa xo

11 February 2013

the one... with an update on the front yard

February Challenge: $0 Spend

I know I'm starting with a PS: but this is a long post, probably the longest I've done but it is needed. You'll see why.

Well, I don't mind admitting the front yard has been hard work.

Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed seeing the progress and knowing I'm doing most of the work myself. My parents have been wonderful in volunteering to come over and help dig paths, remove plants, lay pavers and move the mulch. I honestly wouldn't be this far along without their help so a very big THANK YOU xxoo

There is still work to be done but I'm happy to say that the really big jobs are complete!
To give you an idea of what's been happening...

It all started back in my October holidays. The first job was to have the supllies delivered from a landscaping company Nuway. Then the 'real' work started.

The first job was to lay the retaining wall down the driveway. DONE.

I then started to remove the grass and dirt from up the centre of the driveway.  I borrowed Dad's pick to dig up the grass and dirt to 50mm below the height of the driveway.  I then cut black plastic to fit, ensuring to overlap where needed, and then covered with 50mm of pebbles. DONE.

The next job I tackled was the front garden closest to the street.  Using the existing fence as a guide, I measured 1.5mts back into the yard and put up a string line from the driveway across to the entry path.  This was my very first attempt at laying pavers so it took a little longer and looking back over my work, I think there are a few pavers that need adjusting.  Wait... I forgot a step.  Before I could even started onthe garden edge here I had to cut down the very large hibiscus tree.  The stump still has to be removed and at the moment the garden is being used as a place to dump the rubbish to take to the tip.

Next...  this is when my parents came over and Dad dug up a trench along the entry path from the front gate all the way to the house.  The plan was to put the pavers along the path to give the feeling of a wider path (great idea Mum) and then place the retaining wall bricks on top of the paver.  This gives the large garden bed behind a wall to hold the mulch back.

While Mum and I got to work laying the pavers and putting in the retaining wall, Dad got to work on digging a path from the entry path across the front of the house to the driveway - that's about 7mts.  This path runs parallel to the front garden and is about 7mts from that garden bed.  I thought the path from the driveway to the front path would be so people didn't have to walk across the grass to get to the front door.

That job saw us finish a day of hard work.

On an afternoon during the Christmas holidays I went out and layed the border pavers for the new path from the driveway to the front door.  This took about 4 hours to do because I wanted to ensure it was perfectly level.  The first paver was layed to the same height as the driveway and then I used the string line and a leveller with each paver to make sure it was perfect (well close enough).

Another day over the holidays I got back out there and did the stepping stones and pebbles.  Can I say that I enjoyed this part because I could finally start to see the picture I've had in my head come together.  What I did was measured 30cm from the driveway and the paver to place the first stepping stone.  From then it was a matter of ensuring the ground was level and each stone measured 30cm from each corner of the previous stone and the paver edging.  Once I had a couple of stones down I brought in the black plastic and layed it over the top.  I put down a barrow of pebbles to hold it in place before cutting the plastic around the stepping stone.  I continued this process until I got to the end.

It's looking incomplete at the moment but just wait... it's almost there.  This past weekend my parents and I got the mulch you can see in the photo above.  Now, to get the grass to grow.  There is also some final pavers and retaining wall to go in but it's getting there.

Lisa xo

8 February 2013

the one... with the drawers

February Challenge: $0 Spend

Do you remember a couple of weeks back I asked for your help on selecting the colour to paint the bedroom drawers?  I found typing that post rather therapeutic because by the end of it I had made my decision.

Here they are finished:

Isn't it funny how we make a decision and then start swaying back and forth, only to come back to your original decision.  I guess it lets you know you made the right decision in the first place.

I'm sorry to say that I didn't take any photos while painting because the weather wasn't exactly great that weekend with the Brisbane storm.  I can tell you they were your regular pine drawers to start with and after a light sand and clean they got an undercoat.  Once that was dry, they got another sand and clean before four coats of green went on, each with a sand and clean between coats.

I went with British Paints in Spring Carnival and spray painted the old knobs with White Satin (I had a can in the garage).

I'm pretty happy with them.  They really add a pop of colour to the white room.

As you can see below I still have to paint the wardrobe doors and I'm still on the look out for bedside table lamps.

It does feel like the room is starting to come together just like my mood board.

Lisa xo

6 February 2013

the one... with what I got

February Challenge: $0 Spend

Look what my gorgeous sister gave me for Christmas.  She was on fire with the selecion of gifts!

Young House Love: 251 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update, Organize, and Show Your Home Some Love

I actually squealed when I unwrapped it!

I've flipped through it a few times trying to decide which project I will tackle first.  There are just so many choices.

A  couple of projects I'm keen to do are the:

  • Faux Wallpaper on page 24.
  • Painted Doormat on page 311. Love this one.
  • Sketch Pillow on page 252.
  • Paint Lamp Base on page 248.
And that's just to start.

What are your thoughts on the book?  Have you tackled a project yet?

Lisa xo

4 February 2013

the one... about a tree

Well wasn't that storm a lot of fun!

Living near the bay you expect winds but I have never experienced winds like that before. The rain was horizontal and the wind was whistling through the house - that's what you get with a timber cottage.

There was a casualty, my beautiful tree. Honestly, I loved this tree. It provided the yard with shade in the morning.

Oh there was one other casualty and that was my clothes line.  Yep it's under there somewhere.

Now for the clean up.

This is the very large pile out the front waiting for the council to collect (update: I phoned the council today and was told there are just too many people who need green waste picked up that they wont be doing it. NICE WORK!).

I was pretty lucky though compared to so many other people.  I just had a tree to remove and some have lost their homes.

Lisa xo

1 February 2013

the one... with weekend plans

February Challenge: $0 Spend

After a short 3 day working week (Monday being a public holiday and Tuesday I had to work from home cause the trains were down with the floods) I am looking forward to getting a few things done around the house on the weekend.

Inspirational quote print, "There's No Place Like Home" Classic Movie Poster, quote poster,  Retro poster pop art,  A4 Poster

Things like doing the edges, mowing and replenish the pebbles that got washed away in the storm.  I can only do the front yard at the moment - you'll see what I mean on Monday.

Oh and there will be a cheap diy project to tackle as part of my February Challenge.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Any diy projects you're planning on tackling?

Happy weekend.

Lisa xo


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