30 September 2013

the one... with the new blinds

Outside roller blinds, black and decker screw driver

I mentioned last week that heights weren't a favourite for me so when a job needs doing that requires getting up a ladder - and I mean the extra high ladder not your regular kind - I need to call the parents to help out.  Thanks mum and dad.

After last Summer it became blatantly obvious that from around 2pm onwards the veranda was a no go zone because of the sun blaring in from the west - honestly, you couldn't sit out there.

I headed to my trusty shop Bunnings and picked up a couple of exterior blinds to solve the problem.  Both blinds are 1.5mts wide with a 2.1mt drop.  The veranda is 3mts wide so it should work.  And it did, thankfully.

It was a fiddly job because the veranda roof line is slightly slanted, as it should be for the water to run into the gutter, but the blinds needed to be completely level.

Each box came with everything you needed including the blind, screws, top and bottom brackets. The instructions weren't the best, very vague.  We started by working out where the furtherest blind needed to start and ensured it was level.  You can't see it from this photo angle but that blind didn't look straight at all - trust was put in the level.

The second blind went in beside the first with just a small gap of about 8cm between the two and that was just because of the brackets.  The bottom brackets went in last and were much easier to get level.  We took the bottom brackets at different heights because they wouldn't fit side by side on the post.  I don't think you even notice it.

The job took us about four hours all up (stopping for lunch - I shout lunch - that's the deal) what with dealing with going up and down the ladder, checking and double checking the measurements and the level, the passing of tools and going up and down from the veranda to check it all out on the ground and I think it was a job well done.

I couldn't be happier with it.

The shade the blinds has created means the veranda is now another living space, another room which will see me using it much more - I even wrote this post sitting on the veranda.

Now to decorate the new living space.

Lisa xo

26 September 2013

the one... with new social media icons

I have three new social media icons over at the shop.

I hope you will pop over and have a look.

Lisa xo

25 September 2013

the one... with lovelies on etsy



I really enjoy strolling my way through Etsy - I completely lose track of the time when I do eeek!  It still surprises at just how many talented people there are in the world.

Some time back I would bring you my Etsy finds but somehow that stopped - not sure why really - so I think it's about time I brought it back.


My first shop to feature is loosepetals.

Loose Petals is by artist Karen Young who is a nationally renowned artist in the gift industry for over 20 years.  In her shop you will find prints and posters just like the ones above.

I just love the colours, they're sensational!

Lisa xo

24 September 2013

the one... with a bedwrap

Bedwrap, valance, skirt...

This is the quilt cover and european cushions (minus the show pillows) I have in my bedroom and I love it.

The only problem I have is finding the right valance, bedwrap, bedskirt - who knew it had so many different names.

Anyway, the bed feels incomplete without one and it doesn't look very nice to see underneath the bed either - it's just your regular bed base.

I bought the quilt cover and cushion covers over at cottonbox and in a recent search I found this bedwrap on the same website.

The bedwrap is by Linen House and comes in 11 different colours.  I've managed to narrow my selection to White, Grey and Castlrock.

There are pros and cons to each colour.  My main concern with white is with Charlie - this little black dog does moult a lot.  The concerns I have with other two is the grey - will they be the right grey to go with the quilt cover.

I am swaying towards the Grey option and think I will just have to buy it and keep my finders crossed.

Lisa xo

23 September 2013

the one... with some light

I don't have a street light near my house which I'm thankful for, particularly with my bedroom at the front of the house. The downside is that when I drive in the driveway and get out of the car, the path is very hard to see until I get through the gate where I have installed small solar lights along the edge of the veranda to light a path to the back stairs.

That was until now.

I like to tackle as much of the renovations myself as possible but there are a few things I just wont/can't do like electrical, plumbing, major building like the veranda or heights.  Yep this girl is afraid of heights.

It's not logical but when I climb a ladder the legs just buckle and refuse to move so when a job requires getting up a ladder I have to call in the help of mum and dad.

They very kindly gave up their time to help me out with a couple of height related projects and this is one of them.

The spot light is solar, you can see the solar panel on the left - this side of the house faces West so it will get plenty of sun to charge the batteries.  The sensor was directed to face the driveway and turn on when I drive up the driveway.  There are two lights, one is facing the frontyard and the other is facing the back.  Basically either side of the gate as I come through.

Now I just have to wait for it to charge up and wait until night.

Lisa xo

18 September 2013

the one... with some grout


After lots of indecision, lots of back and forth between the geometric and subway tile for the kitchen splash back I have finally made the decision AND I've even bought the tiles.

I hit the shops on a Saturday morning and after visiting only three shops I found the one.  Well I thought it was the one but it looked yellow in the shop so the guy at Top Tiles gave me one to take home along with a sample pack of grout to select the right grey.

I honestly didn't realise there were so many grey grouts to choose from.  The grey I've ordered is Smoke Grey.

I've gone with the subway tile which was the first style I liked over on Pinterest when I started the kitchen pin board.

The budget so far:
    Tiles $19.95 m2 = $59.85
    Glue $47.50
    Crosses $8.14
    Grout $40.70
    Trowel $10.25
    Notch $1.08
    Sub Total $167.52

The tiles are sitting in their boxes waiting patiently for me to get started.  I've never tiled before but I'm actually excited to get started.

I'm hoping to get started this week and I can't wait to share the final pictures with you.

Lisa xo

16 September 2013

the one... with pot of colour

I've been wanting to do this little project for ages now...

I was given these 2 pots with my favourite succulent Jade (large and small variety) for my birthday from a friend and I love them.

I wanted to give the pots a splash of colour so I took a look in the garage and found a tin of paint that would work.

All I did was pour the paint into a container and then dip each pot in.  That's it.

Now to wait for them to dry.

Lisa xo

11 September 2013

the one... with the photo template

I wanted to create a photo collage with photos of Charlie.  The plan is to have it printed and hung up in the house somewhere.  What do you think?

Lisa xo

9 September 2013

the one... with snail mail

I picked up my new letterbox a couple of months back - when you see the one you just have to pick it up - even if the garden isn't ready for it.

I saw this one on a trip to Bunnings.  I didn't go there with the intention of buying a letterbox but thought I would walk up the aile anyway.

The corrigated roof is what caught my attention because it is the same as the house and the window awnings.

The good news is that it won't be long and it will be in the ground because the garden is almost ready.

Lisa xo

4 September 2013

the one... with bedroom update

Some time ago I designed this mood board for my bedroom and I'm pretty pleased to say that I have kept to it!

Which does surprise me but I think this process worked for me - it made sure I stayed on track and didn't stray when I saw something fabulous over on pinterest.

Well I can say that the bedroom is almost finished!

There are a few projects to do before I can say it is 100% complete and they include:
  1. Painting the wardrobe doors.
  2. Finish painting the door frame.
  3. Beeswax or similar the bedroom door.
  4. Install the door stop.

You may remember I was deliberating over what to do for a bedhead and I finally went with a picture rail.

I love the idea of the shelf allowing me to move pictures around depending on my mood and what I have around.  I knew I couldn't have a bedhead with very little space at the end of the bed and I didn't want a large picture that would detract from the fabulous art by Anna White on the opposite wall.

Purple Storm   Graphic Print A3 by LonadeAnna on Etsy. I'M IN LOVE!

I'm pretty happy with the way the room is coming together and it won't be long now and the room will be done!

Lisa xo

2 September 2013

the one... with a new wall

I would say that I am back into renovating now!

You may remember that the kitchen was installed into the centre room of the house which now leaves the old kitchen as the spare room - so excited to have a spare room!

For this to happen the doorway into the new spare room has to be moved, actually a new doorway has to be installed.

That means a trip to Bunnings and this time with Dad.

We headed to Bunnings on a Friday night to check out what was needed and to book a trailer for the next morning.  It was actually fun going up and down the aisle with Dad and getting lots of tips.  Who knew learning about nails could actually be interesting.

With the trailer booked for the next morning we headed back and picked up what we needed quick and easy.  A sliding door cavity, ply for the new walls and nails.

You might think that ply is a bit strange.... well I couldn't use the plasterboard because it's far too wide for my old walls that are only 6mm thick.

Yep Charlie made his way into yet another photo.

I'm lucky to have a handy Dad and Mum who like diy and love to help out.  I honestly couldn't do most of the things I do without their help and advice.

Dad gave up his weekend to install the cavity door which was made trickier when the walls aren't square so he had a bit of work cut out for him.

My work started after Dad was finished.  First things first was to give the wall a good sand - the wall will be behind the fridge but it still needs to be right.  After sanding I gave the wall a wipe down and vacuumed the floor.  Then I gave the wall two coats of undercoat before one top coat.

Now that the wall is in and painted I can now make the call to the cabinet maker to come back and install the final two pieces of the kitchen.

I can't believe the kitchen is almost finished - almost!

Lisa xo


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