20 August 2012

the one... with day 1 and 2 of the painter

I still can't believe the painter is here and working on my little cottage.

It's so nice to hear him say that the cottage is going to look great when it's finished.

I've been out there taking lots of pics to share with you.

Let us start with day 1 shall we...

The painter has screwed big sheets of black plastic to underneath the house to catch all the paint scrapings.  There is still a lot of mess but it is much better than I first thought it would be.

Some of it is getting inside so the house is in need of a good clean so guess what I did this past weekend?

I'm happy to say it wasn't all cleaning, there was a diy project which I'll share with you soon.

Then straight onto day 2...

The painter has found a few pipes and pieces of timber that need replacing before he can paint so I had better get onto those.

It's moving along so quickly.

Lisa xo

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