8 October 2012

the one... with the front yard plans

I have a 30minute ride on the train to work each morning.  Sometimes I like to sit there with my eyes closed and listen to some music but on a recent trip I got out my notebook and pen and did this...

It's a plan for the front yard.

Now that the builders are gone and the painter almost finished, I thought it was a good time to get started on the frontyard, before the weeds completely takeover.

I might need to explain my scribble at bit for you:
  • I want agapanthus up the left side of the driveway.
  • Remove the grass up the centre of the driveway and replace with pebbles.
  • A lilly-pilly hedge across the front fence.
  • I'm still deciding to remove the 1mt hight wire fence from the front.  I don't like it but I do like the  break it gives from the street.
  • Install a new letterbox on the right of the path.
  • Paint the entry path.
  • Garden bed on the right of the entry path.
  • A frangipani near the corner of my bedroom.
  • Garden across the front of the house.
  • New path across the front of the house, in front of the garden, from driveway to the entry path so people don't have to walk on the grass from their car.
  • Stepping stones to the tap near the front stairs.
  • Stepping stones to the side gate.
Now that I have the plan, I want to work out the budget before I hit the shops.

Lisa xo


  1. did u not have any coloured pencils..M

    1. Haahaa! I left them at home. It does need a bit of colour doesn't it. Lisa xo


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