21 August 2012

the one... with the shutters

I just love plantation shutters.  So clean and fresh looking.

photo source
I had a guy come out from Victory Blinds to give me a quote for the large front bedroom window and while he was there measuring I asked for a quote for the other bedroom window and the 2 in the lounge.

I figured that the large window faces the street and so does one of the lounge windows.  To me it would look odd if they weren't the same.

I did get a bit of a suprise when he told me the price but then he told me the deal for the day.  I was honest with him when I told him I don't make on the spot decisions, I like to think about it before committing.

This was on Saturday so the family was all there so I called upon my mum to let me run through everything about the shutters and price - there is something about saying it all out loud that helps make it clearer.

In the end I took the deal and paid the deposit for all 4 shutters.

As I don't have a great deal of room for big flowing curtains, I think the shutters will be a nice clean and tidy option.

It will take 8 weeks for them to be made before installation so I have some work to do before then - I have to completely paint both rooms, that's walls, ceilings and window frames.

I had better get started.

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