23 October 2012

the one... with colour on the garage

As you know Nigel the painter has finished and has moved on but before he finished he painted the garage.

And here it is...

The garage still needs a new roof and guttering but it is looking 100 times better than what I started with.  Here is a little reminder.

22 October 2012

the one... with handles and locks

Yep, I visited Bunnings again this week to pick up a couple of cans of spray paint to use on all of the handles and locks from my bedroom and the lounge room windows.

There are a lot and they are all different.  Some are the original and I have installed a few.

Some will need a clean up before they get hit with the new paint.

Sorry the above photo isn't very clear - it was a beautiful sunny day, a little too sunny for the photo!

It is Metallic Charcoal.  I love it.

Lisa xo

19 October 2012

the one... with the wardrobe

The wardrobe has been in now for about 4 weeks so I think it's time to paint the doors.  I have next week off work and this one is definitely on the list.

This is the last thing in my bedroom to be painted... NO WAIT!  I still have the dresser and side tables.  Almost there.

Lisa xo

18 October 2012

the one... with a new plant

I recently picked up a little plant from Aldi of all places and it was only $6.99.  I love it's height.

I really need to do something about the view - maybe a wall garden to hide the air conditioning unit from next door.

I love the green and white against the grey wall of the laundry.

17 October 2012

the one... with the bedroom makeover

I've been keeping busy the last couple of weekends with this...

I'll be back soon to make the big reveal.

Lisa xo

16 October 2012

the one... with the bed head idea

I have been thinking about a bed head lately.

I think the room needs one, particularly with the 3mt high ceilings.

I was thinking of making a fabric one that I saw on Better Homes and Gardens but I read this blog on IHeart Organizing.

I love the idea of using an old timber door, adding some extra moulding and some colour.  I particular love the idea that I can change the colour of the bed head whenever I want - can't do that with fabric.

Now to find an old door and pick a colour - oh the hardship.

Lisa xo

15 October 2012

the one... with the new sliding door

I don't think I've shown you the new back door.

I love the extra light it brings into the centre room of the house.  It some how makes this room fell so much bigger

The builders were very nice and installed the dog door.  It's a little lower than before and Charlie has to duck a little.  I'm actually thinking of getting him one a little bigger.

Just to remind you this was the back door before...

Let there be light!

Lisa xo

11 October 2012

the one... with some fabric

I bought some fabric the other day online from fabric traders.

Along with some fabric for scatter cushions.  I bought this particular one with the intention of making a few cushions for the outdoor setting on the verandah.

It caught my eye with its variety of colours, it gives me lots to play with when it comes to accessories.

This is the next little project after the big one going on right now.

10 October 2012

the one... where I paint the laundry

I typed the title to this post before the painter Nigel asked if I wanted him to paint it.

I honestly hadn't thought about him doing it.  I don't mind painting but working 5 days a week full time I didn't know when I would get to it.

Go ahead I said.

I left for work with it looking like this

This is what I came home to.

He also painted inside which I'm not ready to reveal just yet.

See the plant in the plastic bag, my aunty and uncle gave it to me to celebrate the renovations.  It's my favourite plant, a yesterday, today and tomorrow.

9 October 2012

the one... with plans for the backyard

I did another plan on the train ride into work recently.  I really need a book!

Now that the builders have finished it's a perfect time to start thinking about the backyard and to get started before the Queensland Summer is in full swing.

Just as I did with the front yard, this photo was taken with my iphone so I apologise for the poor quality but hopefully you can work out my scribble.

To help you understand:
  • Remove grass from up the centre of the driveway and replace with pebbles, no more mowing!
  • Plant shade trees down the left side of the drive to block the West sun - it's a killer in Summer.
  • Extend the grass area for little Charlie.
  • Take the garden bed on the far right down the entire side.
  • Plant a small garden along the back of deck, just small grass like plants.
  • Plant a small garden under the verandah stairs.
  • Install solar sensor lights along the verandah.
  • Create an intimate patio beside the garage with lots of plants.
  • Remove the cement going from the driveway to the patio (basically the slab of concrete beside.

I've been collecting lots of images with ideas...


Now to make a list of the supplies I will need and work up the budget.

8 October 2012

the one... with the front yard plans

I have a 30minute ride on the train to work each morning.  Sometimes I like to sit there with my eyes closed and listen to some music but on a recent trip I got out my notebook and pen and did this...

It's a plan for the front yard.

Now that the builders are gone and the painter almost finished, I thought it was a good time to get started on the frontyard, before the weeds completely takeover.

I might need to explain my scribble at bit for you:
  • I want agapanthus up the left side of the driveway.
  • Remove the grass up the centre of the driveway and replace with pebbles.
  • A lilly-pilly hedge across the front fence.
  • I'm still deciding to remove the 1mt hight wire fence from the front.  I don't like it but I do like the  break it gives from the street.
  • Install a new letterbox on the right of the path.
  • Paint the entry path.
  • Garden bed on the right of the entry path.
  • A frangipani near the corner of my bedroom.
  • Garden across the front of the house.
  • New path across the front of the house, in front of the garden, from driveway to the entry path so people don't have to walk on the grass from their car.
  • Stepping stones to the tap near the front stairs.
  • Stepping stones to the side gate.
Now that I have the plan, I want to work out the budget before I hit the shops.

Lisa xo

5 October 2012

the one... with the front entry revealed

I've said it before but I love my front entry.  It feels so inviting.

Before the renovation I never used the front door and now I love walking up the front stairs and through the newly painted door.

Yes, that's right the door is painted.

I have decided to go with white for now.  I'm still deciding if I want a bright yellow door so until I decide it's white.  It's better than the pink door.

The other good news with the front entry is the entry floor has been painted.

I had originally purchased concrete paint to give new life to the slab of concrete beside the garage and create a secluded patio (that's the plan).

The light got a clean and the entry is now complete.

Welcome home.

4 October 2012

the one... the painter is finished!

The painter has finished painting the exterior of the cottage.

I am so excited to share these photos with you.

Just to take you back and show you what I started with:

Here are some progress photos.

The blue cottage is no more, welcome to the new cottage and all that it brings.

I love my new cottage.


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