24 November 2013

21 November 2013

the one... with new in the shop

The shop has lots of new items now available, including a new blogger template called PHOTOGRAPHY.  It was designed with the photographer in mind so it is very clean and simple so the photos are the feature.

A new item launched this week is the Facebook Timeline Tabs.  Currently available in Strawberry with more colours coming soon.

A few more new items ready and waiting on the shop are 2 new Blog Style Kits and a new Emerald Green set of Social Media Icons - this one even bigger with 45 icons!

I hope you like.

Lisa xo

20 November 2013

the one... where I need help

I don't think I've told you this before but I'm not happy with the paint in my bedroom.

The ceiling and walls are suppose to be the same colour but at the time of purchase the sale person suggested I use 2 different brands - made by the same company.  It wasn't until it was all finished that I realised there was a noticable difference and with the shutters slightly different as well I think it really sticks out.

I honestly notice it every morning when I wake up and I hate it!

I did make contact with the company to suggest that maybe the wall colour wasn't tinted because the white does have a blue colour to it but they weren't willing to accept that.

This is becoming a sore point for me that I need to fix, soon.

I have been looking around for different options that didn't mean re-painting the entire room and here is what I've come up with.

I don't think the room could take this on all the walls but maybe just the large window wall.


The option would be painted on the large window wall.

This option would keep the ceiling and walls as is and I would paint a band around the wall where they meet (approx. 30cm wide) to break them up.


With this option I was thinking something similar in the corner - where I look first thing in the morning and the corner you see when you walk in the room.

I could really use your help on this one.  What to you think of these solutions or have you got another idea?

Lisa xo

19 November 2013

the one... with the toilet

Yep classy title right!

I've never shared my current toilet with you because honestly I HATE it.

This is it now...

The plan is to renovate the bathroom and toilet but this just won't happen in the 12 months and I really can't live with it like this much longer.  I have already for the past 3 years, eeek.

I will confess that I chose that particular paint colour and yes I painted the room - though I do think when I rented the cottage that one of the tenants repainted the room, badly I might add!

As this is just a temporary measure I don't want to spend any money or very little.  I want to try and use as much of what I already have around the house.

I have the blind.  I have plenty of paint in the garage so I'm all good there.

This is what I'm thinking...

The room has a large window that gets lots of natural light so the white walls and pops of yellow should look good.

I'll let you know how I go with the budget and be back soon with the after photos.

Lisa xo

18 November 2013

the one... with painted drawers

I came across this set of drawers on the Matt Blatt website after receiving their email about a sale.

This unit has been reduced from $495 to $327.

As much as I love the unit I really don't have a need nor do I have any room for another piece of furniture in the cottage.

So next option... I have a set of dark timber drawers from Samara Furniture that I've had forever and was standing in front of it recently thinking it needs something.  Do you do this, stand in front of something and hope a brilliant idea will just pop in your head.  I also did this tactic recently with the laundry - I stood in the doorway staring into the room for about 10 minutes...  waiting...  I'm still waiting…

Anyway back to the drawers.  I did think about painting but didn't want to paint the entire unit - I like this idea with just painting the drawer fronts.

My unit is a similar dark colour as the top large drawer and I have white paint, stain from the veranda and a darker grey floor paint that was used on the front porch.

Oh I feel a mid-week project coming.

Lisa xo

17 November 2013

15 November 2013

the one... with plans for the weekend

I realised this week that I haven't done a DIY project around the house for a couple of weeks now.  It wasn't deliberate but worked out that way.  I think I needed the break after finishing the kitchen and veranda.  I can tell you that my hands and nails have appreciated the break.

There are no plans to do any DIY this weekend, instead I'm driving up to the Sunshine Coast to spend some time to a fabulous friend.

Even though I haven't done any DIY recently I am feeling inspired with a couple of projects on my list.  I'll need your help with one in particular which I'll post about next week.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend my friends.

Lisa xo

13 November 2013

the one... with a design offer

Have you been thinking about redesigning your blog or brand or maybe you've been thinking about a brand new design for your blog?

Before Lisa Davies Design goes live, I'm offering Blog Design for Blogger at 50% off.

Was $250  NOW $125

Here is what you will receive:
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3 column blogger layout
  • Choice of 3 colours
  • 4 pages plus your home page
  • Header design
  • About photo and your welcome message
  • 5 social media icons and links
  • 4 sidebar gadgets
  • 4 sidebar labels
  • 1 Favicon
  • Installation
This offer is for limited time.

The first step is to drop me an email at lisa@lisadaviesdesign.com and we can get started on your new design.

Lisa xo

10 November 2013

the one... with new bedroom prints

See this corner of the wall… a little boring.

It needs something to add some colour - white walls, white shutters.  Don't get me wrong, I am IN LOVE with the shutters but they don't add colour to the room like curtains.

SLOABH Pinterest, things for my wall

I've managed to collect quite a few options over on my Things for My Wall on interest so it's just a matter my selection.

I even thought a series of instagram photos from my Paris trip .


I have such an eclectic taste when it comes to artwork (and music for that matter) and I don't want it to clash with the existing artwork in the room and I don't want it to look just plain silly.

Lisa xo

the one... with words to live by


Lisa xo

8 November 2013

the one... with your best friend

I just had to share this photo with you.  I found it over on Pinterest and of course saved it to my Charlie... It's a dogs life Board.  I will need to get a photo like this with Charlie - minus the snow!

Lisa xo

7 November 2013

the one... with new blog style kits

I wanted to share with you the NEW Blog Style Kits now available over at the shop.

The kits are great for the DIY'er who wants to give their blog a makeover and if the budget doesn't stretch just yet for a full blog redesign then the kit is perfect.

So what do you get in the kit I hear you ask?

Well here ya go:

  • 10 x social media icons in 1 colour 45px wide
  • 10 x sidebar labels in 1 colour 270px wide
  • 3 x colour palettes with hex codes
  • 3 x share icons in 3 colours 90px wide
  • 2 x dividers in 2 sizes 300px wide and 600px wide
  • 1 x pattern 
  • 1 x photo frame in 3 colours 250px wide
  • 1 x heart icon in 3 colours and 2 sizes 30px wide and 45px wide

That’s 44 elements for your blog!

You also have the option of adding installation and I'll do all the work for you, while you sit back and relax!

The first kit was so much fun to work on that I'm working on more colour combinations - keep an eye out for them soon.

Lisa xo

6 November 2013

the one… with a stained veranda

don't look underneath the veranda!

I had fun one Saturday night recently when I decided to stain the veranda.  Isn't that what everyone does on a Saturday night?  No?

Anyway, I had planned to make a start that afternoon to clear all the furniture off the veranda and using the karcher to give it a good clean - it's amazing what mess birds can make even with a dog who clearly hates them.

Cleaning went pretty smoothly and with lots of wind, it dried real quick.  I was expecting to leave it overnight and make a start with the staining in the morning but when it dried so quick I thought I'd keep the momentum going.

I have had this project on the to-list for quite some time with plans started here way back and then I made a start with staining the fascia in a previous post here.  Then it all came to a stop.  There seemed to be reasons like people coming over so you don't want them to scuff it so soon after, the kitchen, the front yard, more kitchen work and then time just seemed to open up.

Honestly this project took a few hours, not days like I thought it would.

So back to the work.

After the timber was tried I grabbed the stainer and paint brush and went around the edge of the house and around the veranda posts, figuring the wool mop won't be able to get in that close.  I started with the furtherest part away from the back sliding door and then moved across to the veranda stairs and worked back to the door as well.  I didn't want to lock myself in a little square patch in the middle of the veranda - which would have been fun to watch I'm sure.

I poured the stain into a large paint tray, one that was wide enough to fit the wool mop.  I honestly didn't realise it was just a wool head over a block of wood (please don't let that just be me).  I made sure to apply the stain evenly and kept to the same direction working with the grain of the timber.  I was worried about it being patchy when it dried.

It really was a good windy night to do the job.  It was cool for me to work in, no hot sun pelting down on me and I was able to put the second coat on within 2 hours.  I finished up around 10pm which gave it plenty of time to dry over night before anyone including a certain little dog from walking on it.  The next morning I woke to it was all tried, a little sticky but that went away within a couple of days.  The dried colour was a bit of a shock I have to admit.  It had gone darker (thicker) than I had expected but I figure that will fade over time with the sun.

Now, over a week later I couldn't be happier with it.  It seems to have completed the veranda and it feels much more of a continuation of the house, rather than a separate space and when the blinds are closed it feels like an actual room.

I love the grey/blue colour up against the house and the dark grey outdoor chairs.

What do you think?

Lisa xo

5 November 2013

the one... with a little freebie

I have been spending a lot of time lately working on the blog and getting things set up on my Etsy shop plus setting up a new website (more on that later).

With all of this going on I have become very reliant on my blog planner to keep things on track.

I'm a very organised gal anyway and find having the planner really helpful to get all those blog post ideas out of my head and onto the paper - where I can see them and put them into action.

I do find having a hard copy, something I physically write on with a pen a way to reduce the stress of having lots of things going on at once.

So I thought that if this is system is working for me that you might like it as well.

Click here to download the free planner.

I hope you find the planner as helpful as I do.

Lisa xo


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