27 August 2012

the one... with the hot water on the move

Now that I have given the builders the go ahead on the deck there are a couple of things that need doing before they can start.
  1. Move the hot water system.  In its current location it would be right underneath the new deck.
  2. Cap the laundry plumbing until the new laundry is ready.
  3. Remove the 'smell' down pipe from the back otherwise it will be right beside the new back sliding door and go up through the new deck - the plumber is taking a look at this first because you must have at least 1 smell pipe (I have 2 - even for such a small place) and to remove 1 they need to be within 10metres of each other.
  4. Replace the other 'smell' down pip on the East side, it was falling down.
    replace the side down pipe - another 'smell' pipe

    down pipe on the far left
    possibly remove the 'smell' down pipe

    hot water system and old laundry plumbing
There is still time to get these done before the chippy starts waving his hammer.

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