25 January 2013

the one... with the new kitchen

I have been in kitchen mode lately.

At first I was thinking I would diy the kitchen with one from either Bunnings or Ikea but after putting together the cupboards from Ikea for the laundry (this room isn't quite ready for the big reveal just yet) I was a little dissapointed in the quality of the cupboards and found they chipped a little when you put the screws in (granted you don't see them but still).

This is my first kitchen reno and of course it's a big deal which I'm sure it is for most.  I don't want something I will regret in the future because this girl has no plans to leave the cottage anytime soon.

I have always loved my kitchen.  Yeah the cupboards are really old, the bench top is raised in spot and there isn't enough storage.  On the plus side there is plenty of bench space and the room has always had a nice feel about it.

Anyway the old one has to go.

The big news with the new kitchen is... wait for it.... it's on the move!

Yep, see the original cottage floor plan below, you can see the kitchen is located on the left at the back of the house.  Can you guess where it's going? 
OK, see the centre room where it says 'Study' and 'Dining'?  Well, that is just one long room that has the dining table at one end and my desk at the other - basically it's a walk through room from the entry to the veranda or from my bedroom to the kitchen.

This is the centre room, looking towards the dining.

The plan is to run the main part of the kitchen, that being the stove, sink, counter space and high cupboards along the wall that backs onto the bathroom and then the fridge and pantry will go on the opposite wall.  A galley kitchen down the centre of the house.

I've been over on pinterest having lots of fun lately.  Check out all the great pics I've saved on my Kitchen board - click the image below to take you straight to the board.

Over the Christmas holidays I did take a trip to Masters to check out their kitchens.  While they were really nice, I thought the price was a bit $$$$ considering you still have to install it yourself.  They do send someone around to install the counter top and the splash back which helps but when you are only 159cm tall, the high cupboards will be difficult to put up on my own.

I then got a quote from a local kitchen company.  The price is comparable to Masters and the best part is I don't have to lift a finger.

The next thing to do is pull all the quotes together like the electrician and plumber and see where I am at.  Oh, I still have to buy a dishwasher (my first one!), gas cook top, oven, sink and have gas bottles installed.

Do you think I'm being unreasonable to try and keep this project around $10,000AUD?

Lisa xo


  1. Very cool. Aslo a great way to make the kitchen and therefore food the centre of the house :-) Lots of good ideas on Pintrest, especially Galley kitchens and open plan ideas.

    The house is really looking amazing S :-) Be proud.

    1. I'm loving the way the cottage is coming together. I met with the kitchen guy over the weekend so not long now.... S xo


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