1 February 2013

the one... with weekend plans

February Challenge: $0 Spend

After a short 3 day working week (Monday being a public holiday and Tuesday I had to work from home cause the trains were down with the floods) I am looking forward to getting a few things done around the house on the weekend.

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Things like doing the edges, mowing and replenish the pebbles that got washed away in the storm.  I can only do the front yard at the moment - you'll see what I mean on Monday.

Oh and there will be a cheap diy project to tackle as part of my February Challenge.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Any diy projects you're planning on tackling?

Happy weekend.

Lisa xo


  1. Well, you know I have a date with a certain frog and a can of spray paint ;)

  2. How's frog looking this side of the weekend? Lisa xo


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