5 November 2013

the one... with a little freebie

I have been spending a lot of time lately working on the blog and getting things set up on my Etsy shop plus setting up a new website (more on that later).

With all of this going on I have become very reliant on my blog planner to keep things on track.

I'm a very organised gal anyway and find having the planner really helpful to get all those blog post ideas out of my head and onto the paper - where I can see them and put them into action.

I do find having a hard copy, something I physically write on with a pen a way to reduce the stress of having lots of things going on at once.

So I thought that if this is system is working for me that you might like it as well.

Click here to download the free planner.

I hope you find the planner as helpful as I do.

Lisa xo


  1. You are wonderful Lisa. I love my planner too but your one is so much prettier. Thanks a bunch. Nicole xx

    1. Hey thanks Nicole. I hope you find it as useful as I have. Lisa xo

  2. I looked online for a template calendar to use but didnt find anything that was easy to use so I just write my post ideas on a note pad. I will definately check out your template, thanks so much for sharing it :)

    1. I'm a list girl so I hope it helps you as well - Lisa xo


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Lisa xo


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