28 May 2013

the one... with the dining room wall

This is a 'before' photo of the middle room of the cottage before I moved in - can you see the lovely green entry on the left.  Thank goodness that's gone... what was I thinking??

The space was a nothing space really.  A room to walk through but it had no real purpose.

Now the space contains the kitchen - on the left is the main part of the kitchen and on the right is the desk, pantry and soon the fridge will be in its new home.

At the very end of this space is the dining room and I'm thinking about painting that wall at the far end in a dark grey/almost black.  I have a large gold/silver mirror which would be a real feature and bring extra light into the space.

I've been over on pinterest (of course) looking at different options.

I had a little play around in Photoshop to give me an idea (remembering the walls and ceiling are white and the doorway on the right has been opened up.

I quite like the dramatic look but I'm not sure if my dark brown dining table and chairs with cream suede cushions will work.

Oh well something else for me to think about!

Just a quick thought.... if I go with the dark wall I would go with the white tiles with grey grout in the kitchen.  The grey gloss tile would clash with the feature wall.


Lisa xo

23 May 2013

the one... with some shelves

I've had these two photos tucked away in my folder for a while now.

I love the idea of shelves in the kitchen but I'll be honest I hate the idea of the extra work they create.  In an old Queensland cottage with timber floors dust is always an issue.

The idea I'm sitting with is a little shelf above the sink to place a couple of pots of herbs.

So I'll sit with this idea for while, along with the tiles because I really want to get this right.

Lisa xo

21 May 2013

the one... with a trip back

Well the new kitchen is well and truly in and getting a lot of use.  I honestly couldn't be happier with it but then look above to see what I was working with before - there is just no comparison.

As you know from my many posts about selecting the right tile - which I still haven't done yet.  I just can't decide.

Back to the old kitchen which will be turned into a spare room slash craft/sewing/printing room which I am soooo excited about.

As you can see from the photo below I am part way through painting the window ready for installation of the plantation shutter.  I got the frame painted in time and the guy turned up on a very hot day so Charlie and I retreated to my bedroom which is the only room in the cottage with air conditioning.

After a while I hear a crash and then a hushed 'hello'.  It turns out the guy dropped a section of the shutter and knocked over the can of white paint on the floor!

He made some pathetic attempt to clean it up but gave up and came to find me.

The spill wasn't bad and I managed to clean it all up BUT he broke the shutter so he would have to take it away and have a new one ordered which would take another 8-9 weeks.

And I'm still waiting...

16 May 2013

the one... about life

Don't let the title fool you, I'm not going to get all deep and meaningful here.

I wanted to share a quote I came across recently that is about me and my life - not about the cottage.

I decided a few years ago to make my life simpler and calmer.  I promised myself I wouldn't take on anyone else's dramas - that's not say that I'm not there for my friends and family because I truly am but you can only be responsible for your own life.

14 May 2013

the one... with another tile idea

Another idea I've had for the kitchen splashback is white tiles with grey grout.

I love the look and I know that if I change my mind on the grey grout - I can always re-grout!

Lisa xo

10 May 2013

the one... with a tile idea

I picked up this tile recently and it's currently leaning up against the back of the kitchen behind the stove so I can see it every day and in different light.

I love the grey gloss and I like the way it picks up the little flecks in the bench top. 

What do you think of this tile?

Lisa xo

9 May 2013

the one... with a little spot

My little coffee station has become a favourite spot in the new kitchen.

In the old kitchen I had the kettle out on the bench but I thought with the new kitchen that I would tuck it away to keep things clear and clean.

I've had the timber tray for years and up until recently it was in the lounge room with magazines and a candle sitting on the ottoman but when the new kitchen went in I thought it was time for a change. 

The little glass jar with tea was a Christmas gift from my parents - my mum always finds little treasures.

It makes making coffee a little more fun.

Lisa xo

7 May 2013

the one... with an update on the laundry

All of my attention hasn't just been on the kitchen lately, the laundry has also been getting some attention.

I've managed to get the cupboards attached to the wall and install the bench top with the help of mum and dad.  Honestly, there was no way I could pick this bench top up on my own.

The good news is it's finally a fully functioning room with the plumbing all connected.  My plumber very kindly cut the hole for the sink and sealed it into place for me, thanks Ros.  I've been very lucky with my plumber who has gone that extra mile for me.

There is still lots to do like install the cupboard doors and put up some shelves on the wall but it will happen.

Lisa xo

3 May 2013

the one.... with the new kitchen progress

I wanted to share with you a couple of progress photos of the new kitchen.

It feels lovely to be in a space that is the centre of the house, literally.

The splash-back is on the to-do list but I don't want to rush in to it just yet.  I'd like to live with it for a while before deciding.

I couldn't be happier.

Lisa xo


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