4 September 2013

the one... with bedroom update

Some time ago I designed this mood board for my bedroom and I'm pretty pleased to say that I have kept to it!

Which does surprise me but I think this process worked for me - it made sure I stayed on track and didn't stray when I saw something fabulous over on pinterest.

Well I can say that the bedroom is almost finished!

There are a few projects to do before I can say it is 100% complete and they include:
  1. Painting the wardrobe doors.
  2. Finish painting the door frame.
  3. Beeswax or similar the bedroom door.
  4. Install the door stop.

You may remember I was deliberating over what to do for a bedhead and I finally went with a picture rail.

I love the idea of the shelf allowing me to move pictures around depending on my mood and what I have around.  I knew I couldn't have a bedhead with very little space at the end of the bed and I didn't want a large picture that would detract from the fabulous art by Anna White on the opposite wall.

Purple Storm   Graphic Print A3 by LonadeAnna on Etsy. I'M IN LOVE!

I'm pretty happy with the way the room is coming together and it won't be long now and the room will be done!

Lisa xo


  1. It's looking great! I love all the frames pictures! Well done!

  2. Your bedroom looks fantastic I like the black frames on the wall and your green chest of drawers. I have just started creating edesign boards on Polyvore and find it really helps me see my design and as you say stick to it as well! I have an Anna de Lona art that I bought at Xmas time and only just framed last week! Talk about procrastination ... now to get it hung up on the wall!

    1. Hey thanks Michelle. The board def. helped. Which print did you get from Anna? My print was the start of the whole room plan. Lisa xo


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