6 December 2013

the one… with a gallery wall

I've made a start on the gallery wall for the dining room.  First thing to do is pull together all of the prints and picture frames I have tucked away in various places around the cottage.  Next thing to do was take over the dining room table.

I want to pull everything together and then work out placement on the table before they go up on the wall.  I'll have to use the sticky tabs with the velcro to put the frames up because the walls are masonite and your regular picture hook don't go in the wall 

I seem to have lots of small frames of various colours and shapes but I will need to look out for larger frames.  I'm thinking of white, black, grey and bronze frames - I just need to a few A4 and larger frames to get started.

I few of the images you can see like the spot shoes is something I found online but I can't remember where I found it and then printed it out at high quality on the printer and then cut down to size.

I've even got a few prints that I've purchased over the years that are still rolled up waiting… and waiting…  I promise to have you up on the wall before the end of the year.

Lisa xo


  1. It took me months to get all the right frames and art for my gallery wall, a real work in progress. Yours will look awesome, cant wait to see it come together :)

    1. You're right about it taking time, I'm still looking for the right size frames but I've managed to make a start. Lisa xo


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