19 November 2013

the one... with the toilet

Yep classy title right!

I've never shared my current toilet with you because honestly I HATE it.

This is it now...

The plan is to renovate the bathroom and toilet but this just won't happen in the 12 months and I really can't live with it like this much longer.  I have already for the past 3 years, eeek.

I will confess that I chose that particular paint colour and yes I painted the room - though I do think when I rented the cottage that one of the tenants repainted the room, badly I might add!

As this is just a temporary measure I don't want to spend any money or very little.  I want to try and use as much of what I already have around the house.

I have the blind.  I have plenty of paint in the garage so I'm all good there.

This is what I'm thinking...

The room has a large window that gets lots of natural light so the white walls and pops of yellow should look good.

I'll let you know how I go with the budget and be back soon with the after photos.

Lisa xo


  1. Your toilet looks much better than mine! The laundry/toilet is the last big room for us to renovate inside the house and I cant wait to get stuck in and rip it all out!!

    1. This is only a temp reno to get me through until the 'real' starts. It's funny how it's one of the last rooms we renovate but it's used daily! Lisa xo


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