22 October 2013

the one... with the kitchen before and after

It's finished!

Yep the kitchen renovation is now complete and I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Of course when something comes to an end you find yourself looking back and that's just what I found myself doing - going back through the 'before' photos to see where it all started.  Care to join me....

I did love the old kitchen.  The room had a nice feel to it and I loved that I could spread myself out with all of that bench space but it was very old.

The plans for the new kitchen went back and forth between keeping it in the existing room or moving it to another.  I played around with the Ikea kitchen planner and I even posted about the floor plan ideas here.

To move the kitchen into a different room would have it's pros and cons as well.

But I'm happy to say moving it into the centre room was the right move.

The excitement really started when the cabinets started to go in.  I can remember getting a phone call from the cabinet people saying they had started a day early and had managed to get all the cupboards in.  They would only need another day to fit all of the doors and handles.  I quickly phoned Mum to let her know and we met outside my place and ran (yes we did) inside to see them.  I'm not lying.


The new location sits nicely between the lounge, dining and the veranda - you couldn't get closer if you tried and that's not just because the cottage is small!

Next were the appliances to go in including a dishwasher and a gas cooktop.

When the day finally came and there were no more tradies was a dream come true.

Then everything stopped....  and it wasn't finished.  There was still a lot of big jobs that needed to be done, including:
  • Deciding on the splash back.
  • Removing part of the old kitchen wall.
  • Installing a new wall between the new kitchen and the 'now' spare bedroom.
  • Moving the fridge out of the spare bedroom and into the new kitchen.
  • Putting back the trim down the side of the back window/door.
  • Installing the final two cupboard pieces: the cupboard above the fridge and the panel that runs beside the fridge.
Then, I went on my holiday.  You wont hear any complaints from me on that!

A few weeks after returning things got back on track.  



The wall was installed DONE and the final two pieces were installed DONE.

The trim was put back DONE.

The best part was making a decision and finally starting on the splash back DONE.

OK I think I've kept you waiting long enough... here is the kitchen FINISHED!

A little peek to the lounge room in the corner
Yep there's my reminder to do my tax before the end of October

I'm in the process of writing about tiling the splashback and sharing all the things I learnt along the way (and there was a lot).

Lisa xo


  1. Wow! That looks great! Well done-I'm impressed with your tiling! It looks amazing! x

  2. Well done, Lisa! It looks wonderful and you did such a great job on the tiling too!

    1. I'm pretty happy with it and it was actually fun! Lisa xo

  3. Such an amazing job Lisa - well done. Love the darker grout on the tiles. It really brings it together with the flecks in the bench top. Nicole xx (P.S. I see supervisor Charlie made his way into a photo)

    1. Cheers Nicole, the grout is a fav of mine. I don't know how I get any work done with the little supervisor. Lisa xo

  4. Wow Lisa! I love love love your kitchen, you've done such a good job, your splashback turned out fantastic too!


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