8 October 2013

the one... with the tile cutter

There's a new tool in the shed.

Tiling the kitchen splash back is my first tiling job and of course I needed to pick up some new tools and this baby, a tile cutter, I picked up on a recent trip to Bunnings.

The tile cutter allows me to score and snap tiles - great for creating the half tiles.

All you need to do is place the tile under the cutter closest to the top, then using the handle position the scoring wheel at the bottom of the tile where you want the score made.  Push the handle up to the top until it stops - don't worry you'll know when this happens.  Then position the clamp (that's the piece that sits on top of the tile, looks like feet) and pull the handle down to snap the tile - can you see from the photo above that there is a little ridge right in the middle of the cutter?  That's what forces the tile to split when there is pressure from the top.

It is very easy to use even though it feels very light and not very sturdy but it has been doing the job so I can't complain.

Cost of this new tool was only $22.48 so it didn't break the budget!

Have you bought any new tools lately?

Lisa xo

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