23 October 2013

the one... about sending christmas cards or not?

I'm curious to know if you still send out Christmas cards?

You know the actual cards you buy, write a nice little message inside, write the address and place a stamp on the envelope and then put in the post box.

I didn't send out cards last year but I'm thinking that maybe I should have and I'm not sure whether I should do them this year.  Is this something people still do?

I think we all love to receive a card in the letterbox and I do love a Christmas card.  I found these lovely cards on Etsy.
  1. Quill and Fox
  2. Laser Lace Design
  3. one\lantern
  4. The Think Tree
  5. Merran Fuller
  6. Paper Ivy
I'd love to know what you think, do you still send cards at Christmas?

Lisa xo


  1. I think I just lost my comment..

    I don't write many to send, but give some to workmates. Any that I do give I write a message-I hate getting Dear Ness, Merry Xmas, Love us xxx. I don't see the point-especially posting them. Write me a note when you have time just because, rather than because you have to. x

    1. I like that idea of just writing to those who are special to me. Lisa xo

  2. I do and love it. I agree with Ness. Its the art of taking the time to personalise the message otherwise send a nice little e-card.

    1. Yep I agree with you on the ecard. Better start designing one! Lisa xo


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