28 October 2013

the one... with the pegged holder

While putting together the mood board for the almost completed kitchen I came this DIY project on the 7th House on the Left blog and thought how cute it would look in my kitchen!

I popped over and read Ashley's instructions and headed out to pick up the pegs.  I managed to pick up a packet of 80 pegs at The Reject Shop for only $2.

First things first was to separate the pegs into three pieces being careful not to over stretch the mechanism.

I thought I had some stainer in the garage but that wasn't the case so I borrowed some from Dad - you really don't need much to do this little project so I didn't see the point in buying one.

Once the pieces were separated it was on to the stain.  I used gloves and an old cloth to rub stain over the pegs and then waited for them to dry before putting the pieces back together.

This is when this little project came to a complete stop!

Why you ask... because I didn't like the look of the pegs once they were stained.

I don't know if it was the stain or the reaction of the stain on the pegs but either way I wasn't happy and there was no way they were going in my new kitchen.

Have you ever started a relatively easy DIY project that just didn't go to plan?

Lisa xo


  1. Lisa, I have little projects that i sometimes wonder why I started because they just don't seem to "gel" ...but I find a can of spray paint can fix just about anything.
    Buy yourself a can of white matte spray paint from Bunnings...get matte paint, not gloss, and give them a really light spray of that. You'll be surprised how good the paint will look over the stain...it should give it a white washed-greyish look, maybe that will be better....if not, it's only a $7 can of paint that you can use on something else as well. I usually buy a can of undercoat to get things started
    Hope that's a help

    1. That's a great idea Lesley. I have plenty of cans in the garage that I could try out different colours to see what looks best. Cheers for the tip. Lisa xo

  2. Hahaha-the original is cute!!! Most of my DIY never comes to light. Pinterest makes it look so easy! x


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