11 October 2013

the one... where I put back the trim

Can you see the grey stripe in the above photo?  Of course you can, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

That is where the window trim was before I had to remove it so the kitchen could be installed.  The trim has been sitting in the garage waiting to be resized and put back into place.

With the kitchen renovation coming to an end it was time for the trim to go back where it belongs so I could install the tiles.

All I did was remove the nails that were still sticking out of the trim and reuse them.  I measured from the top of the window trim to the top of the bench top and transferred that measurement to the trim.  Using a saw I cut the trim and nailed it back into position.

Not a bad job I think.

I just need to fill the nail holes and repaint plus add a little sealant along the bottom.  Afterwards, you'll never know that it had been removed (hopefully).

Lisa xo

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