31 October 2013

the one... with highlights from October

October has been a BIG month for me so I thought it worth to highlight just a few of them.

  1. October was a big month for the kitchen.
  2. My messy confession.
  3. Lots of new social media icons and sidebar labels for the shop and found the colour lime green very popular! New blogger templates coming soon!
  4. Started a new Sunday series titled 'words'.
  5. I worked with the new blog Grow Simple Lovely to create a moodboard and blogger template.
  6. Installed new external roller blinds to the veranda that faces the West.  This side of the veranda is open to get the full hit of the Queensland sun.
  7. Shared the frontyard progress with you. 
  8. It was time to put my ideas for the lounge room into a moodboard - I find having the moodboard works really well for me and keeps me focused.
  9. Celebrated 200 posts!

Lisa xo


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Lisa xo


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