18 October 2013

the one... with my new steam mop

Bissell Steam Mop

Is it odd to be excited over a steam mop?  OK don't answer that!

To some my excitement may seem strange but I don't care cause I love this baby!

The cottage has gorgeous wide timber floor boards that have held up pretty good considering they were first polished 20 years ago but then they had been hidden under carpet and lino before I came along.

Purchasing a steam mop had been on my mind for quite a while but there always seemed to be something else that needed to be purchased first.

I picked this little beauty up at Harvey Norman on a research mission for a TV entertainment.  Yep I walked in looking for one thing and walked out with something completely different.

It was on sale $100 it's original price was $169 and was given a further $10 discount because it was their last one and it was floor stock.  I'm in no way complaining about the floor stock because it was never used, there was no box to throw out and there was no assembling required.  Bonus!

Lisa xo


  1. Let me know how it goes. Our top floor never quite looks clean for more than a day-I think they need re-doing. I love my timber floors, but they take work!! x

    1. I love it Ness. Actually I used it just last night. I wouldn't swop my timber floors for anything else. You don't realise just how dirty they get tho until you use the steam mop - it ain't pretty but you know it's a good thing. Lisa xo


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