30 October 2013

the one... with a moment

After doing the edges and mowing the front on the weekend I stopped to look at the cottage and I liked what I saw.

By no means is it finished, there is still lots to do but I am enjoying all the DIY work and the hard work is starting to show.

I hope you take a moment to look at what you have accomplished with your renovations.

Lisa xo


  1. It looks fantastic! I stood out the front of our place the other day (and if I squinted to soft focus out a few parts) I was happy too with the way it was looking. Especially after a little paint related meltdown L and I both had over the weekend! :) xx

  2. Thanks Ness. It's nice when you can stop and appreciate what you've done - after all we've all worked really hard on our houses to create homes we love. Lisa xo


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