19 June 2012

the one... with the quote

When I moved back into the cottage the neighbours on the West side had installed a new colourbond fence and in doing that had removed all the trees down that side of my driveway.  In their defence they did write to me at the time asking if they could remove of all the trees and build the fence all at their expense, I wouldn't have to pay for anything so long as I didn't object to their choice of fence.  My thinking at the time was to go right ahead because I had no intention of coming back to the house.

Now that I'm back I'm not a big fan of the fence but I'm not sorry that all the trees are gone as they were taking over my driveway.  I am sorry though that the tall trees are gone that use to block out the horrible West sun.

Let me just say, that I am glad we didn't have a typical Queensland Summer last year.

I quickly ran out and picked up some ready-made blockout curtains which have done the job beautifully but they really aren't what I wanted, not the look I wanted.

Photo: Freedom

I took one of the curtains down to a local curtain shop to ask if they could be made into a roman blind that would fit better above the lounge.

Now I can sew and I have made roman blinds in the past but this time I thought I might see if someone else could make then (it was all about time for me).  All I can say is that I will now make the time!

I was surprised at the price of $1,100 for 3 blinds.  Is it just me or is that a little pricey?

I've done a little research online and found a great how-to that I plan to tackle.

I'll let you know how I got... first I have to pick up some blockout fabric.

Lisa xo

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