25 June 2012

the one... with the other side

The work in the backyard continues... I'll admit it has been a big job for this girl but I have enjoyed it!

Particularly when you look back at the before photos:

And then to look at the progress photo:

I'm happy to say the pile of bricks have been moved

But there is another side to the backyard that I haven't shown you.... and there is a reason for that - it's where the mulch was delivered and where I have putting all the green waste when the garbage bin is full.

I happy to say that I have finally moved all the mulch and cleaned up the driveway.

This side of the backyard is in need of a lot of work and will need lots of planting to block out the horrible West sun come Summer but I still want the sun during Winter.  I have noticed a significant difference in house temperature since all those trees were removed from that side.  It's much warmer.

The plan is to visit the Caboolture markets soon and pick up some fruit trees.  This part of the garden gets the sun for majority of the day so the fruit trees should love it.  At this stage I'm thinking avocado, lemon and a lime for the Summer cocktails.  Have you got any suggestions for fruit trees?

Lisa xo

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