6 June 2012

the one... with the garage makeover

The garage is right in the middle of a full makeover - no mini here!

In my research with the council I found the garage to have been built in the 50's when a previous owner submitted plans to build the garage and the outside laundry all with power.  So it is waaaaay overdue for a makeover.

Warning, the next photo isn't pretty.

This is what the garaged looked life before.
old garage
I am very happy to say the old tilt door has been replaced with a brand new roller door from B&D.  I didn't know what to do with the old door so I left it out the front against the fence with a FREE sign and it was snapped up within a couple of weeks.  I love that!

For the new door I chose this grey colour called Gull Grey.  I wanted to keep it simple with a colour I could work with once I'd chosen the main house colour.

photo: http://www.bnd.com.au/

The old entry door on the right hand side of the garage was also removed to allow for a wider garage door to be installed.  I could get the car in with the old width but new width just feels much more comfortable.

When I chose the new cladding I went with a smooth classic style.

Here are some photos of the work in progress.  As you can see we put the new cladding directly over the top of the old rather than removing it.  The builder put new frames around the windows as well but I still need to fix up the window sills.

The scattering of things (bodies) around the old door are actually Charlie's toys

The job isn't finished just yet.  It still needs a new roof and guttering, the glass needs replacing in the 3 windows and a coat of paint but I think it's looking better all ready.

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