5 June 2012

the one... with bathroom ideas

Last week I shared with you the horror that was my bathroom when I first moved back in after the cottage was rented out for a few years.

Within the first couple of months I did a minor makeover which was mainly just a coat of paint and some re-decorating.

Well, now I am planning the big makeover and when I say big, I mean BIG!

The wish list is to completely gutter the entire room and start again.

At the moment the bathroom and toilet are separate with a very narrow hallway.  The plan would be to enclose these two rooms into one large space.

I got out the tape measure to check the new room size and I would have 1.7m (wide) x 4.2m (length) to work with.  It isn't very wide with only 1.7m but I think the 4.2m in length certainly makes up for it and it would allow me to have a separate shower and bath (woohoo).
I have been collecting lots of photos for a while now and I've been watching the current season of The Block on Channel 9.  I got some great ideas from the show when they recently built their main bathrooms.  My favourite bathrooms would have to be by Dan and Dani and Brad and Lara (Winner).

Dan and Dani
Dan and Dani
Brad and Lara
I think it's time I hit the shops to see if my wish list is a possibility (fingers crossed).

I'll keep you posted.

Lisa xo 

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