4 June 2012

the one... with the backyard makeover

About 12 months ago I had a huge working bee with my family to clear out the yard - both front and back.  It took us 2 whole days to remove the many old trees, plants and weeds that had taken over my yard.  Actually it was embarrassing to see just how far I had let it go. 

I took progress photos over the working bee weekend to show the huge amount of work we did.


This is how it looked at the end of a big weekend after 10 trailer load trips to tip, no I'm not kidding, 10!

Look at all that sunlight - I honestly couldn't get over just how much sunlight was blocked by all the trees.

Later that week I had booked some local tradies to remove the larger trees and to grind them down to the ground.  All of this work was to clear the way for a brand new timber fence down the East side (over 30metres) with a single gate across to the house and a double gate for the driveway.

I was lucky that the neighbours on the East side agreed to pay half on their side - by law they don't have to which would have seen me paying an additional $1,200.

You can see the new fence here - a lot more privacy than the 1metre high wire fence.  The fence became a priority after I bought my first puppy earlier that year and I really wanted him to be able to play in the yard.  I'll introduce you to little Charlie soon.
Look I have greeen grass!

I promise to take a new photo (when the sun shows its face again) this time without the shade of the garage and the West side fence.
First Sunday brunch on the patio

There is still lots to be done but I feel I have made a good start.

Lisa xo

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