12 June 2012

the one... where I wait

I visited Bunnings on Saturday to pick up the paver paint for the patio.

I have been wanting to do this project since I started the backyard makeover.

I want it to look like this when I'm finished.

I found this picture (again this photo was saved in my folder and I can't remember where I found it).

I've chosen the colour Smoke Storm from the White Knight Paints range specially for painting on concrete surfaces and a packet of paving tape to get those lines.  I love the randomness of the lines rather than the traditional square look - I'm a girl who does like clean straight lines.

The plan is to clean the concrete with a high pressure hose and allow it to dry before I can start painting.  I may need to use a concrete degreaser but I'll wait to see how it comes up after the first clean.

Now if only the clouds would clear and the sun would show itself I could make a start.

Lisa xo

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