18 June 2012

the one... with the handle

I took a trip to Ikea a few weeks ago and finally bought a handle for the kitchen cupboard.

Yes just one.  Well actually it's a pack of 2 but I only need one.

Before I moved back in and while there was still a tenant, I thought it was a good time to have all of the plumbing replaced throughout the house, from the street to the house along with replacing the cupboard, sink and counter you can see here.

At the time I didn't pick up the handle - honestly I forgot, it wasn't on the shopping list!

Anyway, so I just went without one... until now.

While I was at Ikea I also picked up a FIXA Drill Template.  This would have to be one of the best plastic tools you can get and for only $1.49 why wouldn't you. 

photo from Ikea
Firstly, I gave the cupboard a good clean with some warm soapy water and allowed it to dry.

Then I got out the little Ikea tool and measured the handle against the holes - the instructions said to measure 16cm between the screw holes so I did that and placed little pieces of sticky tape (clear tape obviously so sorry that you can't see it in the photo) on either side of the holes where I wanted to drill.

I then placed the tool against the door - I decided I wanted the handle to be vertical.  You can see here how easy it is to place the tool against the door and mark with a pencil where I was to drill.

Next came the drill.  I'm in love with my new drill.

I think I had a smudge on the camera lense in this photo, oops!

What took me so long.  This project was so simple and I'll admit if it wasn't for the Ikea tool it would have taken longer.

Please ignore the dishes on the sink

this is the cupboard now

Did you notice the droop in the door?  Yep, that's on the to-do list now.

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