24 September 2013

the one... with a bedwrap

Bedwrap, valance, skirt...

This is the quilt cover and european cushions (minus the show pillows) I have in my bedroom and I love it.

The only problem I have is finding the right valance, bedwrap, bedskirt - who knew it had so many different names.

Anyway, the bed feels incomplete without one and it doesn't look very nice to see underneath the bed either - it's just your regular bed base.

I bought the quilt cover and cushion covers over at cottonbox and in a recent search I found this bedwrap on the same website.

The bedwrap is by Linen House and comes in 11 different colours.  I've managed to narrow my selection to White, Grey and Castlrock.

There are pros and cons to each colour.  My main concern with white is with Charlie - this little black dog does moult a lot.  The concerns I have with other two is the grey - will they be the right grey to go with the quilt cover.

I am swaying towards the Grey option and think I will just have to buy it and keep my finders crossed.

Lisa xo


  1. Hmm, it's so frustrating buying online sometimes. Can you return? We have a white bed skirt, and it also can get scuffed-just something else to think of.
    That quilt is gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks Ness, I didn't think about scuff marks at all. It looks like grey is moving futher in front. Lisa xo


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