25 September 2013

the one... with lovelies on etsy



I really enjoy strolling my way through Etsy - I completely lose track of the time when I do eeek!  It still surprises at just how many talented people there are in the world.

Some time back I would bring you my Etsy finds but somehow that stopped - not sure why really - so I think it's about time I brought it back.


My first shop to feature is loosepetals.

Loose Petals is by artist Karen Young who is a nationally renowned artist in the gift industry for over 20 years.  In her shop you will find prints and posters just like the ones above.

I just love the colours, they're sensational!

Lisa xo


  1. I Love Etsy, too much beautiful stuff!

    1. Hi Libby, thanks for visiting my blog. Etsy is like pinterest - they are both addictive! Lisa xo


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Lisa xo


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