15 July 2013

the one... with a little shelving project

I've had a project sitting there to be finished for a couple of months now and I'm happy to say that it's finished!

The project was to install a picture rail from Ikea above my bed.

The tricky little part was to cut out a piece of the moulding that runs floor to ceiling but with a little bit of patience and slowly cutting with the saw, the gap appeared.  From there it was straight forward.

I'm still tweeking the frames which I think will an ongoing thing.

I have 2 more smaller rails to put up in the lounge room so I'll be back soon with photos of them.

Lisa xo


  1. Looks great. I have a few ikea shelves to put up in my lounge room too-I can't decide whether to put them above the lounge or in the spot between the tv and window. Hmmm...

    1. I was the same, I walked around the house with the shelves in my hands holding them up until I made a decision and I love them. Lisa xo


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