9 September 2013

the one... with snail mail

I picked up my new letterbox a couple of months back - when you see the one you just have to pick it up - even if the garden isn't ready for it.

I saw this one on a trip to Bunnings.  I didn't go there with the intention of buying a letterbox but thought I would walk up the aile anyway.

The corrigated roof is what caught my attention because it is the same as the house and the window awnings.

The good news is that it won't be long and it will be in the ground because the garden is almost ready.

Lisa xo


  1. Cute letterbox :)
    How does that always happen at bunnings, you go for 1 thing and come home with 5 other things and not the one you intended to get! We are getting our letterbox built into the front courtyard design which Im a little sad about as I have been eyeing off letterboxes but cant have any of them!

    1. It happens regularly for me at Bunnings - it's annoying when that happens. Lisa xo


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