23 September 2013

the one... with some light

I don't have a street light near my house which I'm thankful for, particularly with my bedroom at the front of the house. The downside is that when I drive in the driveway and get out of the car, the path is very hard to see until I get through the gate where I have installed small solar lights along the edge of the veranda to light a path to the back stairs.

That was until now.

I like to tackle as much of the renovations myself as possible but there are a few things I just wont/can't do like electrical, plumbing, major building like the veranda or heights.  Yep this girl is afraid of heights.

It's not logical but when I climb a ladder the legs just buckle and refuse to move so when a job requires getting up a ladder I have to call in the help of mum and dad.

They very kindly gave up their time to help me out with a couple of height related projects and this is one of them.

The spot light is solar, you can see the solar panel on the left - this side of the house faces West so it will get plenty of sun to charge the batteries.  The sensor was directed to face the driveway and turn on when I drive up the driveway.  There are two lights, one is facing the frontyard and the other is facing the back.  Basically either side of the gate as I come through.

Now I just have to wait for it to charge up and wait until night.

Lisa xo


  1. Let us know how the light goes as I'm interested in getting a solar light for our driveway area too but was worried it might not be powerful enough. House is looking great too!

    1. Will do - I'm curious about the strength of the light as well because the driveway is right beside the neighbours lounge and kitchen windows. Lisa xo


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