2 September 2013

the one... with a new wall

I would say that I am back into renovating now!

You may remember that the kitchen was installed into the centre room of the house which now leaves the old kitchen as the spare room - so excited to have a spare room!

For this to happen the doorway into the new spare room has to be moved, actually a new doorway has to be installed.

That means a trip to Bunnings and this time with Dad.

We headed to Bunnings on a Friday night to check out what was needed and to book a trailer for the next morning.  It was actually fun going up and down the aisle with Dad and getting lots of tips.  Who knew learning about nails could actually be interesting.

With the trailer booked for the next morning we headed back and picked up what we needed quick and easy.  A sliding door cavity, ply for the new walls and nails.

You might think that ply is a bit strange.... well I couldn't use the plasterboard because it's far too wide for my old walls that are only 6mm thick.

Yep Charlie made his way into yet another photo.

I'm lucky to have a handy Dad and Mum who like diy and love to help out.  I honestly couldn't do most of the things I do without their help and advice.

Dad gave up his weekend to install the cavity door which was made trickier when the walls aren't square so he had a bit of work cut out for him.

My work started after Dad was finished.  First things first was to give the wall a good sand - the wall will be behind the fridge but it still needs to be right.  After sanding I gave the wall a wipe down and vacuumed the floor.  Then I gave the wall two coats of undercoat before one top coat.

Now that the wall is in and painted I can now make the call to the cabinet maker to come back and install the final two pieces of the kitchen.

I can't believe the kitchen is almost finished - almost!

Lisa xo


  1. I bet your Dad is getting a kick out of helping his daughter renovate too! Sometimes I wish our walls were made from ply instead of double brick which is so messy to knock down walls and expensive to build them again!
    Cant wait to see it come together :)

    1. I think he does too - we do have fun! Oh brick that must be a right pain in the butt - I'll stop complaining about my masonite walls now. Lisa xo


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