18 September 2013

the one... with some grout


After lots of indecision, lots of back and forth between the geometric and subway tile for the kitchen splash back I have finally made the decision AND I've even bought the tiles.

I hit the shops on a Saturday morning and after visiting only three shops I found the one.  Well I thought it was the one but it looked yellow in the shop so the guy at Top Tiles gave me one to take home along with a sample pack of grout to select the right grey.

I honestly didn't realise there were so many grey grouts to choose from.  The grey I've ordered is Smoke Grey.

I've gone with the subway tile which was the first style I liked over on Pinterest when I started the kitchen pin board.

The budget so far:
    Tiles $19.95 m2 = $59.85
    Glue $47.50
    Crosses $8.14
    Grout $40.70
    Trowel $10.25
    Notch $1.08
    Sub Total $167.52

The tiles are sitting in their boxes waiting patiently for me to get started.  I've never tiled before but I'm actually excited to get started.

I'm hoping to get started this week and I can't wait to share the final pictures with you.

Lisa xo


  1. Good luck! Can't wait to see it, and find out how it went! I love subway tiles!! x

    1. Thanks heaps. I'm really excited about this project! Lisa xo

  2. Great choice I have grey grout on my grey floor tiles and it looks fantastic. The tiler wanted to do it in white but I insisted on grey! I bet it feels good to have made a decision, now you can get tiling. Im excited to see it ... you are braver than me :)

    1. Thanks Michelle. Glad to hear you're still happy with the grey grout - I'm hoping it will add a little pop to the wall! Lisa xo


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