1 October 2012

the one... with the veranda revealed

It's built and the builders have gone.

I can't believe it is finally finished.

Yep, that's Charlie's little head in the bottom right corner, it's funny how he manages to get in the photo without really trying.

The verandah works out to about 3mt deep from the back of the house and fits my outdoor setting perfectly.  I need extra hands to get this up on the verandah.

I had family and friends over recently to toast the new veranda and it fitted 12 people more than comfortably.

I am so happy with it.

Nigel the painter is all set to paint the railings.  I'm thinking white railings with grey beams and handrail and I'll oil the rest.

It's time to start decorating.  Oh the fun!

Lisa xo


  1. Looks great, Lisa! You'll love having that extra space over summer. It's so good you have a painter to do all the fiddly paint jobs (coming from someone who painted the railings on their own deck I'm slightly jealous!).

    1. Thanks Natalie. I like to paint but he was there so it made sense. Lisa xo


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