3 October 2012

the one... with the verandah colour

Now that the veranda is complete I want to get the decking oiled sooner rather than later.

After a recent visit to Natalie's blog at In the Night Sky I noticed her back verandah decking wasn't the usual brown, it had a greyish look to it.

I headed over to the Cabot's website to see what colour options they had.   After I found the product I will need to use, I jumped onto the colour page and was surprised at the variety available.  There was even a section on grey.  I particularly like 'Hunter Grey' below. 

I didn't want the standard brown/natural colour because I don't think it would suit the cottage with all the white and grey colour and I didn't want to hide the grain in the timber.  I did want a bit of colour and I think this might just work.

The Cabots website said to wait 4-6 weeks before applying the stain so I have a couple of weeks to wait.

I think it's OK if I head back to Bunnings and pick up the stain now so it's ready and waiting.

Lisa xo


  1. Great choice! My other half just assumed we'd be staining our deck the usual red/brown colour so it took a bit of 'negotiating' and some photos to show how good grey can look.

    1. Ha, I have to negotiate with myself, that can be interesting. Lisa xo

  2. so very organised, getting the stain weeks beforehand..... how many shades were there,50 perhaps? T


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