10 October 2012

the one... where I paint the laundry

I typed the title to this post before the painter Nigel asked if I wanted him to paint it.

I honestly hadn't thought about him doing it.  I don't mind painting but working 5 days a week full time I didn't know when I would get to it.

Go ahead I said.

I left for work with it looking like this

This is what I came home to.

He also painted inside which I'm not ready to reveal just yet.

See the plant in the plastic bag, my aunty and uncle gave it to me to celebrate the renovations.  It's my favourite plant, a yesterday, today and tomorrow.


  1. Is this your old original back door.Looks great.M

    1. I bit of recycling here. I liked the idea of reusing the old door in the new part. It looks new (almost!) Lisa xo


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