22 February 2013

the one... with a new lamp

I can never pass up a trip to Ikea, can you?

My sister took a drive recently and unfortunately I couldn't go (insert sad face here) but there was no need to despair cause I gave her my shopping list!

I'll admit I did get carried away with the shopping list to start with but I took a closer look at it and made some hard cuts - she did have her own shopping to do after all.

One item on my shopping list was to check out a couple of lamps for the bedside table in my bedroom.  She phoned me from the store (reception is always terrible from there but we managed) and look what she came home with.  It's the AROD work lamp in grey and it was only $79.00.

I was so excited to get it unwrapped, assembled (yep a screwdriver was required) and put into place.

It's larger than I thought it would be but it works with the 3mt ceilings.  It also has a very heavy base that makes it perfect for my place.  I do get strong breezes which can topple anything light weight - this baby isn't going anywhere.

I'm getting excited because I feel the bedroom is almost ready for the final reveal, just a few more things to finish.

Lisa xo


  1. Very cool lamp. Love that you can send a shopping list with your sis. Thanks for coming and visiting my blog. Always love comments and its nice to know someone is ready. ;-)


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