18 February 2013

the one... with fresh sheet night

Fresh sheet night would have to be my favourite night of the week, no matter what day that may be.

I took a drive to the local shopping centre during my Christmas/New Year holidays to exchange a couple of shirts I had bought my Dad and brother in-law and while I was there I thought I would check out some new sheets for myself.

I didn't have anything particular in mind except that I wanted them to have grey in the pattern.  After checking out a couple of stores I finally walked out of Adairs with a set of grey and white chevron sheets.

The best part was they were $159 and had been reduced to $89.  The disappointing part was after I washed them and started to make the bed, I noticed a flaw in the print on one of the pillows.  My heart sunk because they would have to go back, there goes fresh sheet night.

So another drive back to the shopping centre with no expectation that they would have another pair but I was very lucky that the lady in the store phoned another store and found me a replacement set.  They would only take a couple of days to come in however, it took me a few weeks to get back to the shop to pick them up.

The new set were washed again and the bed was made.

Looking at the photo above, I really should have ironed them.  Have I learnt nothing from watching The Block.

Nighty night.

Lisa xo

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